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You like ponies? We got ponies. Click the link to check out the latest update of horsepower written by GXEchidna and art by yours truly.


Jet out
Hey hey hey! It's that time again. New Sonic Eggs is up and ready for reading. Same time next week.


Jet out.
Okay guys, I just added some gallery folders. Not much of an update, but this way if you want to look through a specific set of art rather than just browsing featured (Not like we have much up), you can do so.

I also want to let everybody know that since ECC is the home of Horsepower, we may be adding art from that as well.

Notice: If you have done any ECC art, please let me know and I'll try to have it added to the gallery D:

Thank you

Jet out
A new page of Eggs is up on the website. Feel free to check it out.

Story by shigamado
Lines by JetBlack0X
Colors by Big-Al-Son86

And here's the link to the page! enjoy B)

Jet out
So, I'm letting everyone know that shigamado has started uploading pages from issue 3. I would have said something sooner, but I honestly didn't know about it! Anyway, I'll link you to the cover so you can start reading, and if you've not read any of it, hit the double arrow to go all the way back to the beginning! Well, it'll take you to the Christmas special, then the beginning, but still!

Enjoy. :)


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